About Us

About Us


In October 1988, in a small 2-bay workshop in Doncaster East, a new mechanical service centre would open its doors for the first time.

Situated on a Caltex Petroleum Site at Tunstall Square, this service centre would find its name from a combination of its landmarks.

Doncaster East Caltex would become Dontex Automotive Services and would commence servicing the community immediately, growing its customer base in an old fashioned, honest and respectful way.

Dontex Automotive Services would stay at Tunstall Square until Caltex Petroleum would begin selling its sites; Tunstall Square being one of the first.

It was now 2003 and Dontex had spent an incredibly quick and eventful 15 years at Tunstall Square, working hard, looking after its clientele and serving the local community.

In reality, Dontex had grown to a point where it’s humble 2-bay workshop was inundated so an enforced move would be paired with a view to expand and Warren Taylor would begin the daunting task of finding the perfect workshop in which to relocate.

Unfortunately, this would be easier thought than done.

A transitional move to a 3 bay workshop ensued and Dontex Automotive Services would be located on the corners of Wetherby and Doncaster Roads, Doncaster, for the foreseeable future.

Two and half years would pass and Warren would continue to look around the Doncaster area for just the right workshop. Attempting to keep Dontex in Doncaster to support the mostly Doncaster based clientele would prove difficult, so after nearly 3 years of searching, looking outside the current zone had to be considered.

In 2006, the perfect space would be found at 3 Trade Place, Vermont, just off Canterbury Road, and would offer easy access to the vast existing Dontex client base and would be a major traffic thoroughfare for new clients.

A retired panel shop would go on to be converted into an amazing mechanical workshop with provisions for no less than 10 work areas.

The new Dontex garage would house an inspection bay, a four-post wheel alignment hoist, a further 3 two-post service hoists and a wet bay.

Additionally, there would be 4 areas intentionally set aside for the purposes of diagnostics and tyres as well as specific vehicle works such as engine rebuilds, dismantling and conversion.

The current Dontex workshop now has a layout that would make any mechanic, or even engineer for that matter, eager to work within its walls.

Ten years have passed swiftly and 2016 sees Dontex Automotive Services in its 28 year of mechanical prowess.

Dontex continues to service the community and its clientele with old fashioned, honest and respectful values and invites you to visit a team and a workshop that can speak any language of vehicle and solve any issue therein.

If you haven’t visited Dontex Automotive Services yet, please do so... and let the team at Dontex take care of all your vehicle needs.