Frequently Asked Questions And Frequently Made Comments


Question: How long will my service take?
Answer: It is often hard to specify the exact length of a service but we like to allow half a day.


Question: Can I come to Dontex for my service while I still have Manufacturer’s Warranty?
Answer: Yes.


Question: Do you do out of warranty servicing?
Answer: Yes.


Question: What is the difference between a general service, a full service, a minor service and a major service?
Answer: Services vary for many reasons. Mileage is the most frequent reason for the consumer to request their vehicle be services. However, use of a vehicle, such as a family car versus a tradesman’s ute will determine frequency of air, cabin and fuel filter replacements, while vehicle manufacturers determine replacement of specific items, such as a timing belt, at different intervals.


Question: Do you use genuine parts?
Answer: Yes.


Question: Do you use non-genuine parts?
Answer: Yes, we do but we only use quality no-genuine parts such as Ryco filters.


Question: I heard you specialise in Nissan’s?
Answer: Dontex specialise in all vehicles.


Question: I can hear a noise, what do I do?
Answer: Simply bring your vehicle in so we can assess it.


Question: Can I get a Road Worthy Certificate?
Answer: Yes.


Question: Do you have loan cars?
Answer: Yes.


Question: Why is my air conditioning just not cold enough?
Answer: Air conditioning can require a re-gas after a period of time, bring your vehicle in so we can address that for you.


Question: My dashboard has a flashing light, what do I do?
Answer: Flashing or solid lights on a dashboard are an engines way of letting us know something needs checking so simply bring your vehicle in for an engine management system check.


Question:My electric window is stuck, can you fix that?
Answer: Yes.


Question: When do I pay for my vehicle service?
Answer: Accounts must be paid upon vehicle collection.


Question: How much will me service cost?
Answer: Service costs vary between makes and models simply due to things such as the volume of oil and the type of filters an engine may require.


Question: My car won’t start, can I get my car towed to your garage?
Answer: Of course you can. Dontex can arrange towing for you if don’t have road side assist.


Question: How will I know what work you are doing on my car?
Answer: Dontex only undertake works as discussed and agreed and do not undertake any additional works without further consultation.


Question: My seatbelt is beginning to fray and is slow to retract, is it safe?
Answer: No. Seatbelts require attention immediately when they show signs of deterioration or have difficulties while retracting. Bring your vehicle in so we can look at that for you.


Question: My windscreen got hit by a stone and now has a crack in it, what are my options?
Answer: Whereas cracked windscreens must be replaced, chipped windscreens can mostly be repaired. Bring you vehicle into Dontex so we can assess that for you.


Question: Why are my windscreen wipers scraping?
Answer: Wipers deteriorate and sometimes this wear can occur before the next service is due. Simply call in to Dontex so we can change the wiper blades while you wait.


Question: My headlight won’t come on, when can I book in for a globe?
Answer: Often we can change a globe while you wait, bring you vehicle to Dontex so we can assist you with that.


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