General Enquiries

General Enquiries 


Enquiries vary as much as the makes and models of vehicles we service and here at Dontex Automotive every enquiry is important and welcome.

Dontex can answer your questions over the phone, in person, during your booking or consultation or via email.

We have listed some of our most Frequently Asked Questions in our FAQ’s section.

If you don’t find exactly what you are looking for there, then simply contact us at your convenience.

Dontex Automotive is available Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm on (03) 9873 8433 to take your call with regard to answering all of your booking and general enquiries. You may instead choose to email us and we will reply at our earliest opportunity.

Business hours - (03) 9873 8433
Contact Dontex directly for consultation during business hours

Outside hours - (03) 9873 8433
Call Dontex when it suits you and the team at Dontex can return your call the next business day

Send your enquiry to Dontex at any time and request a reply email or telephone call

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